Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Reconciliation

On Tuesday, Connor did his second Catholic sacrament, First Reconciliation aka Confession.
Now, honestly, Connor has to be one of the least sinful people I have ever known. He is not malicious in any way and his worst offense might be to yell at someone, but in general, it's a reaction. He feels like someone is being mean to him, and he doesn't have the tools to react more appropriately.
So in preparing him for this sacrament, we could only give him pretty tame examples of what he'd done that he should be sorry about. Most of Connor's offenses would be against Trevor, to tell the truth, and Trevor really should be the one seeking forgiveness for instigating :P
On the day of the ceremony, I read through Connor's note from school. He'd had a great day, except at recess something had happened, and he'd pushed down a first grader. Again, some kind of reaction vs. being mean, but hey! He now had something to confess!
When I told his religious ed teacher, she said, "The Lord will provide!"
He spent about 10 minutes in the confessional with Fr. Selvam, and we have no clue what was said, obviously, but Connor was talking about Gabriel, John the Baptist, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all the way home ;)
This morning when we went to Mass, Fr. Selvam was just coming out of the sacristy while we were at the holy water, and Connor has taken to giving our family a blessing on the forehead before we go in to Mass. Fr. watched him do this, and then he asked Connor if he could have a blessing too - so Connor dipped his fingers in the font again, and gave Fr. Selvam a blessing on the forehead too :)

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keeka said...

You can tell Connor has gleaned a lot from his Catholic upbringing! He knows what is right and wrong in the simplest terms which is really the way it should be! There shouldn't be any gray area when it comes to right and wrong, however, in our world it seems as though society revels in the gray area! Go Connor! We are all proud of you!