Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well, he *is* cute...

Connor had some girls from school come over last weekend. You can't tell from the photo, but it was pretty cold outside again. They all had a lot of fun jumping on the trampoline.
As it was around 40 degrees, I had the back door closed, and I'd look out now & again to see how they were doing. With the enclosure, they are all pretty safe.
About the third time I peek out, one of the girls is on the trampoline, and Connor is bending over, kissing her!
I noisily came out calling, "hey do you guys want some hot chocolate?" and the girl that was laying down jumps up saying, "Ew! Connor kissed me!! Where's the soap?!" and she ran into the bathroom to wash off her lips.
I told Connor he's not supposed to kiss girls from school, but I had a good idea that this was not something he'd come up with anyway.
While I'm making the hot chocolate, the other girl relates that they were playing "Sleeping Beauty." Okay - so both girls and Connor knew the only way to wake her up was with a kiss.
So... Connor got his first kiss a lot sooner than Diana. LOL.


Marybo said...

ah man, i read this and couldnt stop laughing. same with cj.
this is awesome.
go connor.

keeka said...

That is pretty funny! Leave it to some 5th grade girls to say, "hey, let's play sleeping beauty! Ok, Connor, you are the prince!"
Smart girls!

flyingvan said...

At least this didn't lead to something ELSE to confess..

Re-Navy!! said...

oh my gosh!! that IS so awesome! I cant believe it! WE told you Connor was a cutey pie!