Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Connor's Blessing

On Sunday at church, Connor was given a special blessing by our community at Mass. He did very well, and stood quietly to get his blessing. We had a couple other kids up there, one gal is in a wheelchair, and there's another little boy also with autism - HE wasn't really happy to be up there, but then this little guy is really still in his own world at this point in time.

Still, it was good for the people in church to see our kids, and know they part of their community, even if, in Connor's case now, it's not apparent by his behavior any more (which is a great thing, btw!).

After Mass, the mom of the other little guy came up & introduced herself. I hadn't talked to her before, just observed from where we typically sit. I think when the weather is better, I'll invite them over to use the big trampoline :) I'd like to have the mom over for coffee or something, but I know better than most that it's hard to go visit people with your autistic kid. It depends on what kind of behaviors her son has, whether he's okay to go to other people's homes. Connor is good about sticking close to us, but that's not typical for a lot of other kids with autism.

I'll see what I can do. :)


keeka said...
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keeka said...

I bet the mom will just be happy to be invited somewhere even if she knows that her son isn't ready yet. But at least she can have hope that some day he will be more like Connor!