Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Confusing CSI

I'm a fan of CSI shows. I watch all three (which is why it was a big deal that we didn't get CBS for a long chunk of time & partly why we switched to DirecTV). However, I have to laugh at how easy the crime scenes are in the three shows. I think maybe the New York one is the closest to reality with the messiness of people's homes. The Miami show has everyone living in minimalistic, spotless houses, with nary a speck of dust. The original show is somewhere in between.

In any case, on all three shows, they wind up finding little tiny bits of something that will provide DNA or some kind of something that allows the team to track and find the killers. But because the crime scenes are so TIDY, they can find the ONE HAIR or whatever it is and find the killer.

I just can't imagine a normal house being that much help to investigators. If you have a house with kids - good luck finding anything usable for evidence that's going to lead you to a killer.

Then what if you have someone with hair like mine? In the photo below - on the left are two strands - one is thicker & curly like a corkscrew, the other is fine & completely straight. On the right are two gray hairs - one curly, and one straight. So according to the CSIs on TV, those are 4 different suspects! Muahahahah!

While my hair is mostly straight, I do have these odd curly ones that are thicker. They have dark roots, so I can't say they are going gray, and the gray ones come in curly and straight as well. My hair has changed with age & childbearing. But some has stayed as it used to be, although it's gotten darker over time.

I know - weird.

Oh - look from the edge of the lamp to see all 4. The second in from the left looks like part of the desk leg, but it's the straight hair. As it is, taking a photo of strands of hair was an interesting endeavor. Lighting is key!


flyingvan said...

Tina, if you murder someone I think it would confuse ANY CSI. You don't exactly fit any profile....I doubt you have any motive, then there's the whole hair thing. Have you considerred freelance hitwoman work?

timmer said...

well tina, you've certainly put a new twist on the stereotype of girls always futzing with their hair. ;->

prestoffcenter said...

Does your hair theory possibly show you have multiple personalities? If that is the case do you only have to stay in jail only a quarter of the time?

(Assuming they catch the right one)

keeka said...

ok, we have really weird friends...
besides none of these people know about your "mean streak" hehehehe.
Oh and another CSI bite on reality, I have a co-worker, Kristy that was CSI, I asked her what she wore when she was in the field, she said, "definitely NOT a low cut nice looking outfit. They usually wore sweats and jeans and their hair was usually pulled back and tied up in a scrunchy. So not glamorous in the least! Gee Hollywood how could you get it so wrong, and why? Like I don't know.

Re-Navy!! said...

That is EXACTLY why i dont watch CSI. Its so far from the t4ruth it hurts....I watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. THeir houses are always dirty and the teens act like teens. It hurts watching women get raped and stuff but at least they do a good job at finding the guy....even IF they have weird hair....One of my books also talks about how a killer had weird hair...they later find that he wears a wig when he kills :p it was a good book. and BTW they can only DNA you if you leave the follicle in. If you pull that off they can hardly tell....I should be CSI