Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tooth Hurty

Connor used a joke to get out of class the other day.

"What time is it when it's time to go to the dentist?"
"Tooth hurty."

His aide didn't get it was a joke (it's not always easy to tell). She heard the dentist and the "tooth hurty" part probably through most of the day, and thought we'd forgotten to let them know Connor had a dentist appointment.

I got a call at my job about 2:35, because he was waiting to be picked up in the office.

I explained the joke, and that no, he did not have an appointment.

So Connor got to hang out in the office with the secretary who loves him to pieces for a half hour.



Lee said...

He has a small but funny collection of jokes.

flyingvan said...

Hey Connor----What do you call batman and his friend when they get run over by a steamroller?

keeka said...