Friday, April 10, 2009

She Made It!!!

We had a Older Girl Camp at Bandon, OR a few years back, and we were introducing our troops to geocaching. While looking up the caches in the area, I found there was actually a girl scout Travel Bug (trackable item) in one of the caches we'd be searching for.

Turns out someone else snagged it before we could find her, but once we got home again, I found out she'd only been moved south an hour or so. Diana & I made the trip to find her when we went to visit my niece, Karrie, and her new baby.

We grabbed the Brownie Girl Scout and brought her back to Roseburg, and had her participate in a Thinking Day event - we made a display showing all the places she'd been, and at the end, we passed her off to another girl scout who was on her way to the Girl Scout center in London in a couple of weeks.

That girl placed her in Regent's Park in London, and that was our part of the trip. I'm so excited she's finally made it to Our Chalet, and even gets to be her own geocache-starter! Hopefully her troop will come to collect her this summer.

Way to go, Brownie Girl Scout travel bug!!

This is the entry from a new cache created for the Brownie Girl Scout travel bug that our scouts had a hand in furthering on her journey (originally written in german):

Our Chalet
We’d like to dedicate this cache to the TB „Brownie Girl“, which started its journey 2005 in Florida and reached its destination Adelboden in December 2008.
It was started by a girl scout troop, who will visit the ‘Our Chalet’ (Girl Scout Centre) in Adelboden.
In order to find the cache, you need to answer the following questions, which all relate to Our Chalet or the Girl Scout Association. The parking area is only available on weekend,alternative: Silleren parking area.
1. Who established the Our Chalet? Sum up all letters from the first and last name = A____
2. Where are other world centres of the Girl Scout Association? Use the numerical value of the first letter of the country and addthem together= B ____
3. Who supported the planning and building of Our Chalet financially? Numerical value of 2nd letter of the first name = C ___
4. What was Ida von Herrenschwands’ girls scout name? Count the number of letters = D ____
5. Where was the first place located, which was chosen by the donators? Sum up the digits of the postcode (single digit) = E ____
6. What’s the altitude of the highest mountain in Adelboden (in metres, without comma) Add the digits of the number = F ____
Important: Please don’t remove the TB „Brownie Girl“ from the cache as it’ll be collected by its owner!!!!
You will find the cache at:N 46° B+2. E-1/D+E/D-1E 007° A+F+C+1. D/E/C-3
Good luck wish you
jumbo-jeter und 5wild

N 46° 29.382 E 007° 34.035 [Other Conversions]UTM: 32T E 390042 N 5149456 NE
5546.7 mi from your home coordinates
In Espace Mittelland (BE/SO), Switzerland

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- Rob said...

It is always very cool to hear about some of the adventures that these Travel Bugs take. Congrats on your part of moving it along and watching it reach the final destination.