Friday, April 03, 2009

TOPS Leader

Last night I ran my first meeting as Leader of my TOPS chapter. *whew*

There were about 30 people in attendence, and I went off the outgoing leader's agenda, but next time, I'll have my own. It was confusing trying to find stuff I hadn't written :/

I will also rearrange the leader notebook, since I like to have the most recent information in the front, vs. the back of the section.

For the benefit of the newer members, I gave a little intro to myself. I apologized for my lack of skill at the head table, because I'd actually planned to start off with a different position, like secretary or co-leader to figure out how things run first. But no one else stepped up to the leader position, and since I'm no longer running a GS troop, I went ahead and accepted the nomination (and won by a landslide, seeing as how my opposition ran with the intent of not accepting if she won - we need at least two people to vote between - lol).

I do really love my club. It's the only reason I have maintained my 35-lb loss since December 2002, and I'm grateful for their support and understanding in my daily struggle with my weight. I know if I didn't go every Thursday to weigh in, I would have long ago regained everything and probably more. I truly need this chapter to keep me on my toes, and they really are a great, fun bunch of people.

I also really am happy that Lee is coming with me now too, and that he's doing so well. It forces us out of the house every week, and while going to a support meeting and then out for dinner might not seem very 'datey' to some, it works for us.

I appreciate Trevor staying home with Connor so we can do this as well. Connor tends to expect Trevor to do things to bug him (maybe because of Trevor's track record with that? heh), so having Trevor fix Connor dinner, and 'take care' of him for a couple of hours every week is good for both boys. And the 'taking care' means give Connor food, and then leave him alone - lol.

There's a lot of record keeping in the TOPS club, lots of awards, tracking gains & losses & turtles (staying the same), and I expect I'll have to set aside an evening every week to keep up with everything. Thankfully my co-leader has done ALL the head table positions in the club, and also other volunteer things for the chapter. I can rely on her to guide me until I figure it all out :)

And note to self - don't wear a silk shirt when speaking in front of a group. It doesn't 'breathe' well (the treasurer sitting next to me said my deoderant was working fine anyway).


Lee said...

Your gonna be truly great!

keeka said...

I second that! Although I didn't think you would have jumped into a leadership position so soon, since you seemed so glad to get out of the last one! I am happy for you though, and it is a great way to keep ontrack too! Not that you were falling off track! I am very proud of my slim and svelt sistol!
Great Job!