Wednesday, April 15, 2009

FAFSAs & Taxes

This being April 15th, I figured I ought to go and amend the kids' FAFSAs (Federal Application for Financial Student Aid). You have to show correct information, and they had originally filed under "Parents will file" status.

So I go in & change it to "Already filed" and put in the correct numbers. We had estimated pretty close, but the adjusted gross income was a little different from my guessimate.

Going thru the tail end, it says that you are agreeing you have submitted the information correctly - if not, you can be fined $20,000 and/or go to PRISON. Eek! Good thing I'm not a cheat and double & triple check everything any time I do stuff like this!

Diana must have this filed in order to continue getting her 90% scholarship from the Ford folks.

Trevor must have this as well, since all his funding is coming from the government. He's still looking for work, but nothing has opened up for him as of yet. In the meantime, he actually gets to pocket a bit of money for expenses, which he will probably be using to pay down the interest already accrued on last years loans...

I hate this stuff. *sigh*

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keeka said...

I sure am glad I am not the money person in our family! We don't have to deal with those issues yet and I hope Carl will be able to figure it all out! I think he will be able to handle it!
Hope everything goes well!