Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vay Cay

We arrived last Tuesday after an overnight in Kelso WA.  Connor has been ready since April.  First is hotel, then bathing suit, then pool, then sleep, then waffles, then Canada!

The weather wasn't great when we got here, but that's okay.  Lee has been doing lots of handyman stuff around the house for my mom, for which she is very grateful, the first of which was cleaning up the computer so it would actually run at a decent speed.  :)  He also fixed a curtain which wouldn't move, a door handle that had broken, and a sprinkler that was run over.  The best fix was the nozzle on sprayer for the bathtub - it was spraying all over the bathroom instead of just downward.  He also decalcified the coffee machine.  Good stuff :)

My niece Catherine had her graduation ceremony about mid-May.  You'd think she was done then with 12th grade.  No.  She has continued regular school for another 3 weeks, and she has all her finals this week.  Where's the motivation???  She's already graduated!

Mikael is going to be 16 in a couple of weeks.  He's out of school as of Friday.  Aaron, the 10-year-old still has another week to go.  We have been hooking up when we can.  

My sister Connie had a very busy weekend, but we got in a nice dinner with her at the local hot spot, complete with blonde drunken bimbos (we didn't know it was THE hot spot!).

Today for Father's Day, my mom took Lee & I to her favorite pub, and then we did some shopping.  For dinner, we had hot dogs for the kids & portabella mushroom burgers for the adults.  My mom had gotten a very rich fancy cake as well, but most of the kids had ice cream cones.  Okay, MY kids had cake & ice cream cones.  :)

Anyway it's been a pretty good visit so far.  Connie is leaving for a trip to Toronto tomorrow & we'll have Mikael go with us to the beach & stuff while his sibs are at school.  Connie comes back Thursday & we'll see Aaron's Tae Kwon Do test.  I think we'll have Diana make sushi for us that night and then we'll be able to do something with Connie on Friday again :)

Photos to come when I can figure out how to get them from my camera to a computer - maybe via Diana's laptop...

Oh - the arm is still hurting, but I have an appointment tomorrow for an ancient Chinese master who knows the problem just from the description - 50's shoulder.  (I'm not 50 yet!!!)


keeka said...

so this is in Canada with the shoulder? Wow, how convenient!
Glad the visit is going well! I am really looking forward to our visit! Is the tent trailer there yet?

Tina said...

Yeah - sleeping has been a little problematic because it's hard to get comfortable... We're still working on that.

The tent trailer will be brought up once we're home. We didn't want to leave it at the house unattended.

keeka said...

good plan. When do you guys actually get back?

keeka said...

Ok, so don't forget to post photos!