Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Frozen shoulder or Bursitis?

I went to the chiropractor today.  OUCH!!  He moved my arm up & around and it really, really hurt :(

Now I'm supposed to ice it as much as I can. *sigh*

Next stop is the Urgent Care on Saturday, because they will do an x-ray AND a cortisone shot.  Ugh.

I just got my notice of temporary hire for summer school in the mail today.  I'm praying this all helps so I can do my summer job...

No word back yet on whether this is a worker comp claim or not.  I did today's visit on my regular insurance.

I understand a frozen shoulder can 'just happen' for people between 40-60 years old.  Twice as much in women as in men.  The best treatment appears to be cortisone & physical therapy.

If it's bursitis, there's usually a cause or injury.  The chiropractor couldn't tell one way or the other, which is why we need the x-ray.  The cortisone works for bursitis as well.

There may still be an MRI to determine any tissue damage, but it's probably one of these other two.

At least the aches & pains of getting old is still better than the alternative.....


keeka said...

I asked for prayer for you at work and someone said, "I hope it isn't a torn rotater cup." I hope so too! I guess that can be pretty painful and not easy to get over, so I pray it isn't anything that a little R&R won't fix!

Tina said...

today the SAIF (worker comp) people called & 'interviewed' me over the phone about the injury.

Still have to wait to see if they will cover it. If not, I have insurance, but if it *is* a rotator cuff (cup?) that could be pretty spendy - which is why I'm going ahead with all the rigamarole of worker's comp. After all, it did happen while working.

Prayer is ALWAYS appreciated - thanks!