Sunday, June 13, 2010

Funner stuff

Yeah - it should be "more fun stuff" - but I'm describing this stuff as more fun than what's going on in previous posts....

Friday we picked up Diana  from college.  As luck would have it, my MRI was being done only a couple of blocks from her apartment, so Lee dropped me off, took the van to Diana, and then ran back over to the doctor's office.  The MRI took over two hours, and when we walked back to Diana's, the van was almost packed.  Connor was watching Tom & Jerry from in Diana's bed & all was good.  We drove to a very good vegetarian food stand, and got some pretty dang tasty Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.  Connor got a foot-long veggie dog.  Then we went to the mall so Diana & I could check out Victoria's Secret (we don't have one in the Burg).  Diana found some stuff on sale, but the things I wanted are about to be PUT on sale, so I held off...

Trevor & Diana both worked pretty hard from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon on getting the house cleaned.  Diana's friend Corinne is starting off as a Pampered Chef consultant, and needs to practice doing shows.  I invited probably 30ish people - six actually came.  One was my teacher & her mom, so that was pretty fun to see them :)  My friend Rose was there as well, and she's always a  good time.  And then another mom-daughter set from my TOPS club :)  Diana's friend Haley, who is also friends with Corinne, came a little later.

Corinne did a good job - I still haven't ordered because I may have a couple of book sales.  Turns out Haley used to live in Juneau, as did Rose. Rose used to work with Haley's grandparents :)  Also turns out I have more Pampered Chef products than Corinne has in her kit (thank you Carolyn).  Any time she'd mention stuff from the catalog that I had & she didn't, I'd just bring my own stuff out :P

I brought out some salmon 'candy' (sweet-honey-smoked), because I kept forgetting to bring it to work for Maureen to try. Everyone thought it was pretty dang tasty.  When I went out to see off the other guests, I came back in the living room and the plate had been licked clean.  I asked Diana if that was her - but it was actually Corinne!!  Hee.  After things were cleaned up, the girls went in Diana's room to hang out.  Corinne's mom came & picked her up later, and Lee fixed dinner.  Haley stayed and then the kids & Lee all went roller skating ($1 nite on Saturdays).  They met up with Trevor & Diana's friend, Kyle, too.  I stayed home with Connor.

When the group got back, we sat around the table & had ice cream & did a lot of laughing.  I didn't squeak, although Lee tried to get me to - if Carolyn would have been there, we probably would have...  The four kids had a good time together - it's nice to have Diana  home & the family together :)  I like this stuff :)

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keeka said...

sounds like a blast!

I am so happy to hear "funner stuff" and I am glad you were able to get the MRI done!

I am guessing you won't know the results for a bit?