Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada 2010 - 5th

We went to the beach a couple of times.  The weather wasn't really cooperating for us, but we didn't care :PWe went to Gyro Beach, just our family one afternoon.  We went to the City Park on another day with Mikael & Catherine.The parking is interesting now.  The meter prints out a ticket to put on your dash, showing when your time is up - so we put in for 3 hours at 1:15 and the ticket showed 4:15.  We actually wound up leaving early because it got pretty cold, so we just gave our ticket to someone who had just come in to give them a free hour :)

The parking is the same downtown, so you can print out a ticket for your dash, and then move your car around if you want, and your ticket is still valid.  That's better than individual meters for the spot where the car is.  :)

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