Monday, June 28, 2010

Canada 2010

We had a very nice trip.  I think everyone got to do what they wanted & see everyone they hoped to see.

Connor has been talking about going to Canada since April.  He had it all set in his mind.  First pack the car, then drive to Washington.  Then stay in the hotel and swim in the pool.  Then sleep.  Then waffles for breakfast.  Then to Canada & Omi.

I just booked the same hotel we'd used last year since I knew they'd have the pool & waffles :)

Because of my shoulder, we waited until Monday, instead of leaving on Sunday as we'd planned.  I had done the MRI on my shoulder & neck on Friday, when we picked up Diana from U of O (the MRI office is in walking distance of her apartment).   The results were in by Monday morning, and I was able to see my doctor by 9:30.  The MRI showed nothing at all - which is good, I guess.  But it also meant I couldn't get a cortisone shot, since it's not a bursitis or frozen shoulder :/  I got some new pain meds because the original prescription made me nauseous.  I am still having pain in my shoulder and babying it as much as I can...  We took off for Washington out of the Wal-Mart parking lot.

We spent the night in Kelso - Connor swam in the evening, as well as the next morning.  He ate all the waffles he wanted :)  This hotel is next to a mall, so the kids took a walk in the mall and also went to see "Karate Kid" in the evening since there was a theater.

The drive through Washington was uneventful.  We stopped for lunch at the mall in Bellingham, and Diana & I got to go to the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale and get a really good deal on some merchandise :)

We didn't have any issues crossing the border, and the rest of the drive through Canada was fine all the way to my mom's.  She greeted us with "Schnibbelbohnensuppe" (green bean soup) & vacation really began :)

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