Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Canada 2010 - 2nd

I had promised Connie I'd take her out for her 50th birthday when we got to Canada, so after trying to figure out a good place, we decided to go to the marina area & eat at Rose's because Connie had heard it was pretty good.

Well, it was.  It was also THE hotspot for Kelowna, complete with drunken women who insisted on telling us about the fight they had with each other (they made up later).  But the food was good & the company was fun.  We enjoyed visiting sans kids.

This is the cart that sells German pretzels and breads.  We got $20 Canadian worth (16 pretzels) and they were gone before we left for home again. You can store them in a paper bag, wrapped in a plastic bag in the freezer.  If you leave them out though, they'll just get hard as rocks.  They toast up nicely in the toaster oven though, which is how we enjoyed them after the first day (when they are fresh).

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