Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here's the Sitch

Shoulder is still hurting a lot.  I'm wearing an arm sling and I can't do much of anything, including drive, because then my OTHER shoulder starts to hurt because I've been doing everything one-armed for a couple of weeks now...

So I got an MRI done yesterday in Eugene.  The gal at my doctor's office said they can bug them for results and maybe get them within 24 hours.  That means Monday sometime.  If that works.  Otherwise, it could be as late as Tuesday evening.  Hopefully it's the former, and I can get in & see my doctor by Tuesday.  If it's a bursitis or frozen shoulder (seems to be the most likely), then I could possibly get the cortisone shot, and we could leave for Canada on the same or next day.  We intend to overnight in Washington anyway.

OR we could just leave on Sunday, like we originally planned, and deal with the whole thing when we get home again.  Well, and hope the MRI doesn't show something that they say, "You need to come in NOW!" and we drive home again after a day...

I'm thinking it would be prudent to wait and hear the results first.  What do you think?


flyingvan said...

As bad as it is to deal with healthcare systems, doing it on the road when necessary is usually exponentially worse. Long car ride with orthopedic issues isn't just uncomfortable but runs the risks of deep vein thrombosis (depending on the injury, which is currently unknown)
Stay home until this is resolved!

keeka said...

ditto for me! You don't want to be in constant pain on the road!
I know it is hard to change plans but this is a wee bit more pressing!
I hope you can make it work!
We are praying for you!

Chris Melton said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder pain and limitations. Hopefully the doctor will figure it out and help you get some relief.