Monday, January 11, 2010

Visit with the Tersignis

Once again, Nancy & Kraig opened their ranch to us to visit - not only them, but our friends from California.
We hadn't seen them in, gosh - I don't know how long! Their daughter, Kat, was excited about the horses.

Little Joshua, Karrie's soon-to-be middle child, has no fear. He also recently buzzed his hair with his dad's shears :)

Kat was a little nervous at first, but Nancy soon got her comfortable & I think she really enjoyed the ride :)

Connor & Joshie both got their own turns, and then took a turn together. They got along great :)
I also took a turn on ol' Snowball. But no one snapped a pic of me (I had the camera in my pocket).

It was really nice seeing Steve & Ellen again. Hopefully they can join in when the gang gets together again? :)
Thanks again Kraig & Nancy! We love you!

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