Thursday, January 28, 2010

Connie & the Torch!!

Here's Connie with her regional manager for the Bay, who got to carry the torch on the route in front of their store. He let Connie hold the torch so she could have the photo - and she's gonna send me those gloves! I'm so excited!!!
I have been counting down the Olympics since November in my classroom. We are getting really close now, with only 15 days left to go.
During this stressful time at school, it always cheers me up to know the games are going to be here soon :) I've been wearing the smaller size Olympic gloves Connie sent at Christmas when I'm out at recess. But these will be extra-extra-EXTRA special because they held the torch!! Wow!!
(okay - I'll tone it down now... maybe... hee hee hee!)


keeka said...

That is really cool! I know you wish it was you holding that torch, admit it! You are living vicariously through our sis! Hehe.
But cool photo all the same!
Thanks for sharing! I will try to watch the olympics but I have three uninterested members of the family so...

Tina said...

I had to live vicariously thru you with the Stanley Cup too!

And who cares if no one watches it with you! I call them over for the "BIG" moment stuff, but most of it I watch alone.

Lee will join me for the hockey, and he'll make fun of the figure skaters who fall :) Connor liked the bobsledding four years ago. Diana watched Shawn White on the snowboarding with me back then too.

We'll see...

prestoffcenter said...

That's a torch? Neat tho- and I like the freeform thinking but it looks more like an aboriginal throwing boomerang/club. It doesn't look comfortable to carry at all(let alone run with). Maybe I need to see it burning or something.