Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ah Well

I interviewed for a different position in my company yesterday.

Today I was told I was the "2nd choice" from the top. I didn't get it.

It would have been a cool job tho. Mostly secretarial, but also some event organizing about three times a year. There's a grant for teachers to be able to teach better about American History. So this job would have been setting up three conferences a year, in different parts of the state, and doing all the planning and budgeting associated with that.

While I've done elements of that kind of job before, most of it is as a volunteer in TOPS or Girl Scouts. I didn't have a lot of knowledge of the Visions software (even though I'm sure I could have learned it pretty quickly).

Anyway - I was told I'd interviewed very well, and it would have been me had there not been this other person.

In truth, I think it would be harder to replace me in my current job than hire someone for the one I'd applied to do. So, who knows. I did give it a shot, at least :)


Lee said...

Sorry they made such a bad decision that will, no doubt, bite them back.

keeka said...

Hey, you never know the other person may be more qualified, but they may also be one of those slacker that seem to dominate the workforce these days. Could be they will call you up in a month or two! "Um yes, Mrs. Kiester, we have decided to go another direction...with you instead of the person from before who was not very motivated...we found her texting her boyfriend during a meeting with clients!"
Then you can say..."ok, don't worry about me! I don't text at all!" ; P

Tina said...

Yeah - that's happened to me before... I had gotten a better job in the meantime.

Who knows about this time?

keeka said...

I will be praying! and "drucking meine daumen!" : )