Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Visit with Froggy

Here's Joe with his wife, Mary & their little girl, Eliana.

Little girls seem to like Connor quite a bit :) Because we were all new to her, it took Eliana a little while to get used to us. She was laughing with Connor first :)

Lee played peek-a-boo with her :)

Mary already asked if Diana would be up for babysitting. She's got lots of experience!
After this we dropped Diana off at school. She's taking tap dancing this term for PE. I always liked tap - better than ballet, anyway!


keeka said...

buffalo one, buffalo two, buffalo three - step step- front together back together, brush heel toe!

I still remember that from when we took tap!

Do you?

Tina said...

Why, yes. I do!

I'll see if I can teach it to Diana...