Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Whoo hoo! Lee & I actually went out for a bit, so I got to wear my new cool sequined hat & the new sweater I'd gotten from Diana's quad-mate, Ning :) I was wearing it over my new jeans... I didn't have leggings...
I also wore a pendant my dad made, because Carolyn sent me a chain that works very nicely with it :)
We dropped Diana off at her friend's house for their New Year celebration. Diana was spending the night, so she was good from that point.
Lee & I went to an Open House New Year Party thrown by a co-worker. Her house is about as old as ours, and she's taken up the carpeting & revealed the hard wood floor beneath. That's something I'd like to do soon :)
We didn't stay all that long - it was very crowded. I think she got more folks than she expected :) That's good & all, but we barely knew anyone, so we headed out early. We came home & got Connor to bed, and let Trevor play WoW until he came out to ring in the New Year with us in the living room.
A Happy & Prosperous New Year to us all!


keeka said...

Ok, what are you? At the Prom? That is a definite "Prom" type photo! You both look very nice!
So where did the sequin hat come from?

Tina said...

I got it at the Bunco exchange. I picked a gift out of the "girl" group & that's what I got!

It came from Lee's sister, Donna. Isn't it cute? Diana wanted to steal it, but I didn't let her ;)