Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 Olympics

The Vancouver Winter Games start on Feb 12, just 21 days from now! I'm excited to see all the sports as well as the region where my Mom & sister live :) There won't be much about Kelowna, but British Columbia in general is just beautiful.
The Olympic Torch will be making its way through Kelowna next Monday & Tuesday. When I spoke with my mom this morning, she let me know that the fire chief (now retired) from the Okanagan Fire (when my parents had to evacuate) will be honored as a torch bearer for the relay through Kelowna. His name is Zimmerman, I think. My mom met his wife yesterday at lunch & got to tell her it was my dad that had made the stained glass cross for the fire station. It was a thank you for saving most of the neighborhood during the big fire - including my folks' house :)
Anyway - I'm really looking forward to the Games. Apolo Ono, Shaun White and a whole new batch of athletes to follow! Yay!
If you're not a huge fan, don't worry - I'll keep you posted on my blog :)


keeka said...

whoa, no one ever told me about the stained glass that dad did for the Fire department!!!
Where is it? When we go up, can we see it?
Sheesh, you would have thought they would have mentioned that!
And I didn't know they would be running through Kelowna! I will have to record it all! I want to see our mittens too! : P

keeka said...

ok, so what is Miga? Penguin, panda? What?

Tina said... for all the Olympic stuff straight from the official site.

Go here to see all about the mascots:

There's coloring sheets, paper art & all kinds of stuff, including what they actually are :)

Tina said...

*sea bear* I don't know what that means, actually...

keeka said...

funny. I might make a few pages for the kids in my class. That would kind of be fun for them to color them before they see them on TV or their parents. Hehe.

Thanks for the links. Any GS cookies for you my dear sistol?
Not neccessary if you can't right now. : )

Tina said...

Can you save me two boxes of Caramel Delites? I think they are a little chewier than our samoas. :) I'll send you a check & you can drop them off on your way to Canada? Just freeze them in the meantime, k?