Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost a day off

It's a teacher work day at my school site today. Assistants aren't supposed to work when there are no students. Somehow my calendar didn't reflect this, because I'm not a school employee, I'm a different agency.

In any case, I have the day off. I could either just get dinged for it (unpaid leave) but I'd rather do comp time. I already have a meeting this afternoon for work - so I'll have to be there anyway in the afternoon. And I'm also not getting my 1/2 hour lunch breaks anymore. We typically have some sort of crisis happening in the classroom, and I can't leave.

I guess I'll just note all the 1/2 hours I've worked, add in the meeting today, and it should be good.

Hopefully at the meeting, we'll address the fact I'm not getting a break? The teacher isn't either, but she's salary, whereas I'm hourly & have a union contract that states I get 1/2 hour away from the workplace... I'm also supposed to get 2 10-minute breaks -- Hahahahahha! I'm lucky if I can run away to use the restroom. *sigh*


keeka said...

yeah, I would say that definitely needs addressing. Maybe when you bring it up you can have your left eye twitch periodically?

Tina said...

Well, I mentioned it and the same boss that insisted (Union rules!!) on us getting our full breaks at Fir Grove... more or less just waved it off.

He said he was fine with me comping the time and did not address the problem at all. So.. I guess it's no lunch breaks for me unless it's an easy day?