Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sunday - going home

Okay - so she had a bit of a sunburn...

We flew San Diego to Phoenix (not my favorite, very bumpy), and then Phoenix to Eugene.

We had the most awesome flight attendant on the way home.

The first thing I noticed was that he was wearing Danskos like the kind I use for work. He knew all about the thing Diana is doing, and was thrilled to meet her.

The two of them had tons in common, and she's drawing him as a chibi here.

He was a big Anime/Manga fan, and has attended conventions & done cos-play as well. He basically spent most of the flight talking with Diana (I think he handed out the pretzels a little late) and at the end of the flight, he had her announce the final prep for the passengers on the plane using the phone.

Riki and Diana exchanged webpage info, and I'm sure they'll keep in touch. All these anime kids are like family to each other. They both cheered each other up immensely. Too funny.

Thanks for a great flight Riki! You were fantastic!


Re-Navy!! said...

wow he is cute. Glad you got home safe!!! That is really cool that they let Diana announce the arrival!! Did they tape it?

Tina said...

No - against the law :(

But still way cool. :)

keeka said...

sounds like fun! Hey Nae, read my blog, you are on it! Yay! Pay no attention to Tina's comments! Hehe

prestoffcenter said...

So this secret society wears a little something to identify themselves to others?

Or was it just brought up in conversation?

Lee said...


Probably the same secret society Macross saga thing you wore...