Monday, May 19, 2008

Diana's recap on school today

So Diana went to school today with the new hair & contact lenses, etc.

She wore some of her new clothes as well.

The kids/teachers who hadn't seen her at the prom gave her lots of nice compliments.

The buzz around school was that her date was male model! LOL

Don't worry - she set them straight. She said all the guys had seen her, but didn't realise she had a date - the girls had all wondered who the hot guy was :P

In German class, the kids didn't want to have to do a lot of work, so they asked Diana to really take her time describing her weekend when it got to be her turn (in German). Diana talked about 20 minutes about all the stuff she did from Friday through Sunday.

She & Trae are intending to have World of Warcraft dates on Mondays, I think. Too bad he's Alliance... Still, he's got that Boy Scout thing going for him. This might go on a bit further than just the "thing." I think they are texting back & forth a bit :) Whee! You go girl!


keeka said...

Ok, non-nerdo needs to know what is wrong with Alliance...whatever that is...?

Tina said...

There are two factions that fight against each other - Alliance & Horde.

You'd THINK the Alliance were the good guys - but they are actually Evil. They are the Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, Night Elves and Dranei.

The Horde are the honorable, misunderstood races. They are the Orcs, Trolls, Blood Elves, Undead and Tauren.

So, Robert G. & I have undead characters, Lee has a tauren, and Shoo has an orc when we play together.

Trae plays a Night Elf.

Too bad.

keeka said...

"you can't marry him, he's not one of our kind, Diana!" "but mom, it's just a game!" hehe

Tina said...

Trevor's comment:

I looked at the blog. Don't tell Diana, but girls that look like that kind of scare me...

But then again, she scared me before I left for college...

- Rob said...

He does have that Zoolander look about him in this photo. So is he a blog reader now?

Is Diana going to try to get him out to Julian in August so that we can grill, uh...

... meet the nice young man?

As you know, the Boy Scout thing gives him big props in my book! Maybe even enough to offset the character flaw of choosing an Alliance character.

Tina said...

Oh I'm hoping they are still keeping touch & playing WoW by the time we're down there. I think they would really enjoy a little more time together -- without a camera in their faces ;)

And we will be getting a DVD of Diana's episode, so we should hopefully be able to share that at the condo.


keeka said...

He still reminds me of Charlie Sheen!
Especially in this photo! That mouth!