Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cool Gift from Renee

Diana had to open it immediately, even though it was after midnight.

This is an oyster in a little tuna-sized can, that you open and then get out the pearl.

There's a necklace that goes with it, but I don't have a photo of that since Diana hasn't taken it off yet.

Just a way cool gift & Diana was thrilled to get a real pearl that she got out of the oyster herself!


Re-Navy!! said...

so what color was the pearl and what was the "meaning" to it? Did she make a wish on it? Gosh i am just SO glad that she liked it!! I thought it would be a perfect encouragement for her transformation. I hope it ends up on the "thing." Maybe that little something to get her through it!! I am happy to see that she couldnt wait to open it.

Tina said...

It was peach for Health, and she hasn't taken it off since she put it on. So, yeah - until they tell her to take it off...

And health is something that is really good right now since she's stressed. She's BUMMED she was out of town on Senior Ditch Day (last Friday) and that instead of getting extra credit for being there, she got dinged with all the other seniors for not being in class (even tho she was excused).

There ya go.

keeka said...

Man that really is a bummer! Glad she had that gift to smooth things over! Good job, Nae! She really has a good friend in you! That sounds like a really cool gift! Hey Tina, my birthday IS coming up! Maybe Nae can get you one? Hint hint! Just kidding! I do fine with a snail mail card!

keeka said...

Ooooh! I just thought of something! Nae, if we come down sometime in the next couple of months can we get one of those? My mom in law loves pearls! That would be a cool Bday present for her!