Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello San Diego!

Diana & I got to take a trip to San Diego over the weekend for the thing.

We arrived Friday evening, and managed to hook up with Renee & Patrick. They treated us to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

It was WAY FUN seeing Renee again, and meeting her guy. He is very nice and knows a lot about music & anime & other stuff, so we all had plenty of conversation going around

Thanks very much for dinner!!!

I think Nae likes San Diego very well :)


Marybo said...

i love you guys.
those are 2/3 of my best friends right there yo.

Re-Navy!! said...

trust me mary you would LOVE Patrick. Anyways it was NO problem taking you out. Patrick loves ethe fact that you enjoyed his company immensly and is looking forward to maybe seeing you in the future!!! I LOVED having you guys here! San Diego just fits me like a glove. You said nothing about the intense sunburn on my shoulders.