Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

There once was a Student named Trevor,
Who thought he was rather clever.
So he wrote a poem,
and sent it home,
To the greatest mother ever.

Happy mother's day Mom!

The best part was the pretty dang positive phone call today. He's keeping up with his classes and his team in Civ class won the Concrete Frisbee competition!


Happy Mother's Day!


keeka said...

I'm guessing the poem was written by Trevor? That is really cute!
Good job!

- Rob said...

Can you explain what a "Concrete Frisbee" is? Is it what it sounds like? If so, what is the competition?

Re-Navy!! said...

lol i called you on mothers day :D

Tina said...

I was made out of glass beads, percolite & something else.

They were scored on precision, aesthetics & distance.

His teams frisbees had the greatest distance, they were more precise than the guys that won for aesthetics, and more aesthetic than the guys that won for precision - so they averaged better than anyone else.

And thanks for the call Nae. :) You're a good second daughter :)