Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Myrna sent me an interesting email with a bunch of weird shoes being sold in Japan.

Diana doesn't have much to complain about with her 'normal' four-inch heels, eh?

I wonder if they wad up cotton like Connie did when she danced in toe shoes for ballet?

Diana liked these ones best, just for the confusing footprint.


keeka said...

Ok, what are these the "come dance on my head" shoes? YIKES! Uhglee!
But I agree with Diana on the interestingness of the second pair!

Re-Navy!! said...

omgh i saw that e-mail about two weeks ago!! lol its really interesting!!! still looks painful

vv said...

hate to tell you all these arent new at all they are ballet heels and have been around for quite some time