Monday, May 26, 2008

After the Memorial

Omi & all her grandchildren.

We had to take photos while we were all dressed up.

Luckily, the make-up didn't run too badly.
Mikael, Connie, Catherine & Aaron.
Cole, Carolyn, Kaleigh & Carl.
Lee, Connor, Diana, Tina & Trevor.
This is the photo we had at the memorial, which the frame shop so nicely framed up for us in a day. My dad was a regular customer of theirs & they did a great job.

The flowers on the right are from Mom & Pop, Donna & Jim. My mom liked the red roses in there - they made her think of the three daughters. The ones on the left were the arrangement through the funeral home.


Re-Navy!! said...

glad the trip went well....dang near made me cry :(....

Tina said...

The worst I saw of traffic was bringing Trevor to Eugene for his train trip home yesterday. Other than that, it was really all clear and nice driving. It wasn't even too warm since it was overcast a lot. I couldn't have asked for better circumstances.

Maybe my dad helped with that?