Sunday, May 18, 2008

After Prom...

This is Diana right after the limo dropped her off, with her friend, Becki.

After dinner, Diana got to introduce Trae to all of her friends at the prom. There was a lot of good reaction to Diana's new look :) And to Trae *wink*

During a break in the dancing... Trae & Diana took a little walk together... and I'm gonna make you wait to find out what happened, but you can probably guess.

Today was the final wrap-up.
So here's Diana with Steph...

And with Jen, Krista & Eddie.

Everyone left now, and the five weeks of the 'thing' are over (until June, when Diana & Lee do a quick jaunt to NYC to do some final stuff).

We'll all see the result in July!


Re-Navy!! said...

thank you :D..... she looks great!! still havent seen a good pic of her wearing my necklace though :D. wait its showing in july? I AM GONNA MISS IT!!!!! no!!!! someone BETTER tape it.

Tina said...

We'll get a copy, and Tivo it, and whatever else. :)

She's wearing your necklace whenever she's not wearing something for the thing. She wore it all day today tho, so you will definitely see it some time.

prestoffcenter said...

A lot has been going on up there. I am curious, but guess it will wait.

Very nice D.