Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I like shoes. Contrary to what my husband says though, I'm no Imelda Marcos. I'm actually still well behind many other women I know when it comes to amount of shoes I own.

Recently though, I have been getting my shoes off of eBay. I need pretty sturdy, good-quality shoes at my job, since I'm lifting and carrying wheelchair-bound students for a lot of my day. Dansko is my favorite brand at the moment. The shoes were originally created to be worn to work in horse barns all day. They last forever, and are extremely comfortable. It's impossible to stub my toe on the kids' equipment in them!

This week I'll be getting my 7th pair of Danskos from eBay. I gave my mom one of those, and Diana got another pair - so I really only have 5 pairs for me. This last pair are red sandals that usually retail for $125.00. I bid $16.05 and got them. I think it's $9.00 for shipping.

I really do wear all my shoes. I don't have the pairs that just sit in the closet that I bought because I couldn't resist them. I can resist shoes. There are plenty of shoes I see that I won't ever buy.

Guys really can get away with a 5-6 of pairs of shoes. Something dressier, something to exercise in, slippers or house shoes, a pair of boots, etc. Really, you should have work shoes for the yard because you don't want to mess up your white tennis shoes mowing the lawn and make them green. At least save your old tennis shoes and use those for yard work if you don't want to get work boots or mud boots for that.

Women need more than that. Sorry - that's just how it is. Our work shoes have to be a little more varied. Pumps, flats, boots, etc. in different colors. You need basic black, something brown, skin color is always good, red, and whatever other colors are in your wardrobe. You need a few choices for exercise shoes too. You gotta have the yard shoes, and hiking shoes, cowboy boots, and crocs for around the house. And then sandals! You need some for casual, and a bunch of different ones for work again!

Seriously, when I think of all the shoes I COULD own, my measly 19 pair really don't seem that bad! I replace and trade out stuff when I get new shoes too. I still need new black leather pumps, but as I don't wear pumps all that often, I can let that slide for a while. I also need to get new heels put on the black velvet pumps - I won't buy new velvet ones because the ones I have will be great once the new heels are on.

And I'm not even bidding on these. Aren't they the coolest looking pirate-style boots ever tho? Seriously! If I had a reason to get them..... Ah well.


shoo said...

Only 19 pairs of shoes? You are WAY behind all the other women I know.

keeka said...

That is so funny! I just counted mine and I have just about 20! Mostly sandals that I need for work and dressier ones for church. Oh wait, I forgot the 4 pairs of boots in my cupboard! Sorry, so that takes me to 24, still way behind most women, I think.

- Rob said...

I remember having 2 pair of shoes and a pair of flip-flops, or something like that, before I got married.

Now that I go with Celeste to buy my shoes (or she just buys them for me) I seem to have a lot more shoes then before. Granted, being in a post-college career has increased the number of shoes that I need. However, even taking that into account I now have way more shoes then I did before the wife-influence took effect.

Lee said...

19 pairs, I think, means her 'active' shoes.

I dont think she is counting the 'seasonal' shoes or the 'retired' shoes or 'sandles' and shoes and boots are different too right?

But, then again you can only wear a pair once right?

Tina said...

So yesterday he says to me, "So, are you getting those boots?"


Tina said...

btw - the boots sold for $62.00 with $12.00 shipping - $74.00 is actually a really good price for decent boots.

But I didn't need pirate boots :)