Friday, September 07, 2007

First day of school 2007

Connor is now in 4th grade! So far, everything seems to be going great after the first week of school. He is doing okay with no morning recess (poor kid), and seems to be doing well with his work in class, to the best of his ability.

Diana had to move a few things around on her schedule. She wanted to take a Fine Arts 2 class, because that way she gets access to all the art supplies. But they gave her an Improv Acting class instead. As much as I tried to convince her to keep that one (she would be more likely to be in plays, etc.), she really really wanted to work on her drawing skills. The thing was, Fine Arts 2 was at the same time as the German 4 class (which is worth college credit!!) and she didn't want to give that one up. So she had to talk to the Fine Arts 3 instructor to be able to get into his class.

She tried to meet the instructor a couple of times, with a portfolio of her work to show him to convince him she could do the class. You're really supposed to do Fine Arts 1 & 2 before you do the Third class. Diana had done Graphic Design 1 & 2, which isn't the same thing.

Eventually, she sent the teacher an email with a couple of links to her webcomic (see right ---> ) and another art site she posts on called Deviant Art. Here's his answer: "Your in!!! Great web sites! Boy can you shade!!! And what an imagination!"

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keeka said...

awesome! Sounds like a cool teacher too! Good job Diana!