Sunday, September 23, 2007

Before & After kid moves to college

Here are a couple of shots of the boys' room after Trevor "cleaned up" his stuff.

His loft bed that we took with us to the dorm was against the wallpaper border corner there.

Those silver bins were to hold his stuff to bring downstairs. One had some stuff in it - mostly just junk he'd picked up & thrown in there. I had to go through and toss all the crumpled paper and candy wrappers and boxes that used to hold Magic cards (?!?). This kid has a serious hoarding problem!

We wound up moving a lot of the furniture around. The entertainment center is still in the same place, but the dresser moved to where Connor's bed was, and now Connor's bed is under the window. We added the desk where the dresser used to be.

I did actually use all three bins to hold all of Trevor's various knick-knacks, collectibles and Warhammer 40K stuff. But I also filled 3 33-gallon trash bags with stuff to toss.

In the closet, I found a bunch of clothes I'd held for Connor from Trevor's old stuff. A lot of it looks new since Trevor tended to wear "the" favorite pants & "the" favorite shirt or two.

The desk we bought today. Lee set up internet for Connor so that he could google his videos in his own room (and not use MY computer all the time!


keeka said...

ok, Wow.

All I have to say!

Does Connor miss Trevor yet, and does he understand what is going on with Trevor being gone most of the time?

Tina said...

And the thing is, Trevor spent 3 days in there "cleaning" before he left?!?

Connor understands Trevor is away at college & he will see him at vacation time. He doesn't seem to "miss" him, but realizes he's away.

Honestly, I don't know how much Connor misses anyone. He just has faith we'll be back again later. It was the same with Diana. When she got back from Germany, he was very happy she was home. While she was gone, though, he just would point at the airplanes & say "Diana go to Germany."

Okay - Diana is telling me that when Lee & I are gone, he asks for us (me especially). So I guess he would miss us that way.

(Connor is a little more quiet without Trevor bugging him...)