Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last Serving

For the last 8-9 years, Trevor & Diana have been serving at Mass at our church.

Often, people would come up to us afterwards and say, "I don't know what we'd do without your kids!"

Well, now they're going to find out. Sunday was the last time they were scheduled to serve. We asked that they be removed from the list, because 1) Trevor was going to college three hours away, and 2) there's a Saturday night Mass geared toward the teens which Diana wants to attend.

We were told that the parish wanted to "do something" to acknowledge the kids' service. We weren't sure what it would be, but we went ahead and invited family to come to be there for their final serving :) Lee's parents, Donna & Jim, and Myrna, Doug & Daniel came.

The "something" wound up being thank you cards for each of the kids, with $100 apiece in them! They were brought to the front of the altar to be acknowledged and everyone applauded them. We all got a little teary :)

It was a good thing :)

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