Thursday, September 20, 2007

He's there!

Trevor spent his first night in a dorm room at Oregon Institute of Technology last night. And yes, I'm fine, thanks for asking.

Classes actually start on Monday, but the residence hall was opening yesterday, and we wanted to get him comfortable in his room & surroundings as much as possible before he had to deal with the school part. I'm less worried about the school aspect than I am the social & independence part, really.

It takes about 3 hours to drive to Klamath Falls from our home. Trevor wanted to bring his loft bed, and they are allowed as long as they fit in the room. We didn't know if it would or wouldn't fit, but we had him take the bed apart & load it in the truck anyway. I also gave him luggage to pack all his clothes, and whatever else he wanted to bring went in large trash bags (because it was going in the bed of the truck and trashbags are waterproof if it rains!).

On the way there, I first worried if he was even allowed to come on Wednesday. I recalled reading something that the kids from a special program could start Wednesday, but what about everyone else? So I looked it up and yes, the residence hall was open Wednesday, however it said the move-in time was 10:00am to 6:00pm. We weren't going to make it until 7:30!!

What if we couldn't get in? What if we couldn't get a key to his room? What if his room mate had already taken the bed Trevor needed for his loft bed? Yikes!!!

So along the way we were thinking, if we can't get him in tonight, we'll have to rent a room. We could leave most of his stuff in the cab of the truck, and then just bring the bed parts into the room overnight. Then drop him off first thing in the morning. I'd have to get a substitute for work. We'd better have Diana stay home from school so she could get Connor to school, and she won't sleep without us home anyway...

We arrive and there's a gal at the (open) door saying, "Hi! Are you ready to move in? Here's your key! Good thing you came now that the elevator's clear - there was a long line to use it before!"

At the room, his room mate seems to be a real nice guy. He already was using the bed we didn't need, and he has a TV and mini-fridge all set up. He's also studying civil engineering like Trevor, and he's from Eugene.

It only took us an hour to get Trevor all settled, and then Lee & I could drive home. We had a nice long chat all the way home. Lee was a little surprised I didn't get weepy tho. I am too. Maybe it hasn't hit? Maybe Trevor ticked me off all summer and I'm ready for a break? Maybe I figure I'll be putting out more fires for him in the next couple of days if he calls all panicked about something? Maybe I have enough other things to worry about with Diana's senior year and Connor's education that I can let things go with Trevor now?

Or maybe I think Trevor's just grown-up enough to do this, and I can just trust he'll be great. Okay - now I'm tearing up...


- Rob said...

Trevor will be fine. As parents, safe to say "Mission Accomplished" (or is it "fly little bird" ???)

Good job.

keeka said...

Yeah, Tean Bean, I am proud of you.
I think Trevor might have been a little freaked if you would have gotten all teary with him! He needed to see that you thought everything would be ok!

Ditto on the good job!