Saturday, September 15, 2007

The "Assembly"

Is what Connor called our latest yard improvement. He thought this was great.

We had an old shed that came with the house. There was stuff in there from who knows when, and we didn't go too deep in there. We were just using it to park the lawnmower & things near the door. But it was an eyesore, and worse yet, it blocked a good chunk of my view from the back door to see where Connor was.

When Lee lost the Dell job, we figured he'd have some time to put together a new base and maybe we could move the old shed over there. As it turns out, Sears had a nice, new shed go on sale, so we decided to do that instead. :)

Trevor spent a lot of time out back, prepping, clearing, building, or whatever we needed him to do (seeing as how he didn't get a job over the summer and now we're all back to school - except for him - he's leaving next week).

We still have a few things to set up, but the new shed on the deck made a nice "assembly" for us. And Lee got to demolish the old base with an axe.

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