Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bike to Wendy's

This is just one of those weird things we live with having a kiddo with Autism.

For the last couple of weeks, Connor's been asking to "bike to Wendy's." We have no idea why.

It's a solid thought in his head, and he isn't put off by, "Maybe next week," or "We can bike to Wendy's on Friday." He will remember that someone told him Friday and he'll be all excited on Friday because "today is Friday! We bike to Wendy's!"

Yesterday, even though he went on a long field trip to the coast with his dad and his class, as soon as they got home, Connor was ready to go on the bike.

We got all the bikes & helmets & everything and we all biked to Wendy's. It took about 20 minutes through the bike trail that goes along the river and through the park. Connor ate french fries with root beer and the rest of us had baked potatoes & side salads (that's about all that's available for vegetarians at Wendy's).

Connor was extremely happy and thanked us repeatedly for biking to Wendy's. When he finished, he said, "Let's bike to home!" So we did.

Still, absolutely no clue where the whole idea even came from. But it was a nice little family outing :)

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