Saturday, March 27, 2010

Winding up Spring Break

Diana is already back at her place for college. She had a friend coming in from California & the dorms weren't going to be ready yet - so she offered her sleeping bag & a spot on her floor :) It was a better Spring Break for Diana this time - she got to go on a date, and hang out with friends. She did some drawing and a lot of sleeping in, plus the camping earlier in the week :) Of course, anything would have been better than last time - she had oral surgery last year!

Trevor apparently struggled last term at college - he needs to go in and talk to his counselor about his options. Something isn't lining up on his grade report and he needs to figure out what's going on with that. I think Lee will go in with him to make sure he understands everything properly. Sometimes things don't process right with Trevor's Asperger's.

Connor had a great Spring Break. He got to do all the stuff he wanted to do, down to making chocolate chip cookies today. He went on an Easter Egg hunt this morning that was put on by our local Respite Care folks. It was for anyone with special needs. I even saw a former student from my old job :) They had plastic eggs with candy, as well as real eggs :) I think Connor had a good time.

I got a lot of stuff organized & cleaned up. There's always more to do, but it's a good start :)


keeka said...

You should make some egg salad sandwiches with the hard boiled eggs! Yum! You know that was one of the things I could eat at First American when I was pregnant with Kaleigh? I still am partial to them even though I never really ate a lot of them. I do more now.
So who is Diana dating? We need the scoop!

Tina said...

It's not so much 'dating' as "a date." It's a guy she & Trevor have known since forever in elementary school. He moved to CA after graduation, and is now back home again. I think he was engaged & it fell apart.

It was more like he wanted to hang out with a 'safe' girl & have fun - which is the same spot Diana is in - so it worked :)

She's back at school now, so I think the dating stuff is put aside till summer.

keeka said...

Ah, ok, so no biggie : )
Glad she is not getting serious! Jackie is exactly the same way! Too bad they aren't closer to each other, they might have really hit it off!
I have the kids parties to go to so I better get hoppin'.