Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday, Connor!

When asked what he'd like for his birthday, the answer was "Presents." *sigh*

So we go for the sure fire things he'll like - mostly food that we don't typically get him.

Lucky Charms is his favorite (he usually eats Chex).

"Green Chips" are his favorite potato chips.

The Mac & Cheese crackers are new & had a good commercial, so he kept wanting to get them. Okay, for his birthday, sure.

The Hershey bars are to make s'mores.

He's been enjoying puzzles lately, so he got one of those.

Trevor got him the movie, Wall-E.

The bicycle comes this afternoon... He doesn't even know about that yet & he's already having a GREAT birthday! There will also be cupcakes at school & we'll bake a cake this afternoon when we're home from school. Dinner is his favorite: Hot dogs (veggie) and baked beans.

Happy Birthday Connor!!

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Lee said...

How many kids would be this happy to get junk food?