Friday, March 19, 2010

Jury Duty

I have no experience with this. I only ever had to tick off the "not a US citizen" box & send the form back.

This lack of experience bothered me lately with Trevor getting a card in the mail that said he needed to call every evening after 6:00pm to see if his number was called for the next day. I wasn't all that sure that he'd be the best choice for a juror. After all, social stuff is not his forte.

Today was his turn to go in.

This was actually incredibly lucky. He had his last final on Wednesday, and was able to sell his books back on Thursday. His number was in the later 500's, but earlier, it had looked very possible to be called on one of his finals days. We had him email or notify his instructors that he could be called to jury duty & may have to reschedule his finals. But that didn't happen, so everything was good.

He went in this morning, understanding that he couldn't bring any electronic anything. He had his sketch pad to keep himself occupied.

They asked general questions of the jury pool, and selected enough jurors for the trial before Trevor was asked anything specific. Once the jury was chosen, the rest of the people were dismissed and told they didn't need to call in again for the month, unless they needed to start again from #1 (out of 1000 possible jurors).

And that was it for Trevor's jury duty!

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keeka said...

Well, that's good. I guess the government hasn't yet figured out that there is a spectrum of children out there that may not be Mentally Challenged but that have other types of social issues that would not really make for a fair trial due to problems with perception. Although, they would normally be good at looking "at the facts".