Saturday, March 13, 2010

Squirt bottle

If a student purposefully and willfully spits in your face, you should be able to squirt them back with water. It's behavior-modification & works great on dogs.

My other option is use a poster or something as a shield. I'm not allowed to smack their face - which is my gut reaction.

The kid is lucky I have such self control!!

Seriously, I gotta convince the therapist that a squirt of water should be allowable.


Lee said...

There is a serious disconnect in our school system and accepted behavior.

In my case there is a fundamental distrust of teachers ability to establish authority.

Recently there was a quote by the propagandist Michael Moore: "we have created a society of ignorant and illiterate people. Our schools have done this, our media has helped to contribute to this"

Tina said...

Okay - It's not like I'm in a 'regular' classroom. The reason the kids are where they are is because they can't manage their behavior so they are in our room to have therapy to address those behaviors.

They do whatever it was that got them suspended/expelled, and they have (theoretically) someone right there to help them come up with a better way to handle their frustrations. Medication works wonders if you can get the family to do it...

Use of obscene language, destruction of property & spitting are things that are being addressed. It's only if they are not safe to themselves or others that we can suspend them.

keeka said...

I may have one of those kids in my class. He has absolutely no impulse control. Thankfully, he is not a mean spirited person, he just let's his gut emotion guide his actions. He loves his friends and he is a fun kid, but if someone says or does something he doesn't like, his first autoreaction is to grab, push, slap, etc. The consequences are not a deterrent and he doesn't quite grasp why he gets in trouble. It has been a major struggle this year. He needs to be watched every second of every day because he will choose to do the wrong thing if my back is turned. It isn't always reaction for his behavior, just the more violent stuff. Other behavior includes pulling all the books off the shelf or taking something and throwing it across the room. So, he is a two part problem!

Tina said...

Sounds like he needs an assessment done for impulse control - usually lumped in with ADHD - you can find them online for your own peace of mind. I have no idea how a private school deals with kids that need extra services. Up here, they just request those kids be taken out of the private school :/ Public schools offer a counselor, and can get specialists like speech pathologists, autism consultants, etc. That's what the ESD provides (who I work for).

keeka said...

That is my biggest problem. I mean the others are paying just as much and are not getting the attention they deserve because of the one kid causing all the trouble. Although this year I have about 4 kids that need special attention!
Whew, and they are all different needs! Very hard.
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