Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Bike

Big win here. We weren't sure if he would care one way or another, but he's gotten too big to ride the trail-a-bike (the one that hooks on to an adult bike & makes it like a tandem).

So the high school guy who has watched him for us a couple of times will be moving to his dad's in CA after graduation. Turns out he has a couple of bikes that he's not using, so he was fine with giving Connor his old trick bike.

He'd had it painted green - which happens to be Connor's favorite color.

I took it to the sporting goods store & the bike guy happened to be there today & he fixed it up for us. It needed a new tube and some straightening on the wheel frame. He greased up the chain & everything - all for $8.99. Nice, huh? He was impressed with the paint job - he thinks it was done by a car shop or something :) It's a good solid bike.

I'm thinking we'll be out getting Connor to learn to ride this weekend :)
The cake was vanilla, with vanilla frosting. It winds up being a lot sweeter to me than a chocolate cake. Maybe if it would have had a layer of strawberry or something in between? But he wanted it plain like that.
All in all, good birthday for the kiddo :)


keeka said...

Glad everything went well! Happy Birthday Connor! We love you!

We can't wait to see you all this summer!

Lee said...

He has so much happiness.