Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shrimp & Caviar

I'm doing this monthly Ladies Bible study thing since, oh, October, I think.

I was invited to be in the group because we're all around the same age, with kids around the same ages... We have the study sessions at different people's homes, after they host dinner. Seems a lot of ladies in this crowd have BIG homes - the one last night was in a gated community. Usually we get a note in the mail as a reminder that the study session is coming up, but this last month, our facilitator had surgery & she didn't get the note out.

So last night, it was just one other lady & myself at the hostess' home. She had gone through a LOT of trouble to make asian food - kimchi, something like a potsticker, spring rolls, sushi. She had even taken the time to make half of it vegetarian. Well, vegetarian meaning "not pork or beef." Everything had shrimp in it, or some other fish/crab (I think the sushi had eel besides the caviar on it).

I felt bad because instead of the 8 to 10 guests she'd cooked for, she only got two, so I went ahead & ate all the 'vegetarian' stuff. I was hungry, and it's only for health reasons that I do it anyway - so I could cave a bit. I do eat tuna & salmon, but dang - I haven't had shellfish in a LONG time.

We didn't get to do much bible studying (maybe a couple of things from the book we're using), but we had a nice conversation over dinner :)

And when it's my turn to host, it's gonna be a baked potato bar - haha.


Lee said...

The level of flake is amazing. Is the concept of commitment that lacking?

keeka said...

Hey I would eat vegetarian if there were no meat available! Hehe.
Sounds like a lot of good food to me! But hey, I love shrimp, I would pass on the caviar however, never understood that.

Good for you for being a nice guest. How are you feeling?

Tina said...

I'm fine. There wasn't a whole lot of shrimp in the stuff.

I guess eating my tuna & salmon kept my stomach able to cope. :)

keeka said...

I wondered.

I actually feel yucky if I eat too many fruits and nuts. My stomache cramps up.

But give me a dozen donuts and my tummy doesn't complain! Weird huh?

Oh, and I don't eat a dozen...maybe two..three...