Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things to do on Spring Break

1. Get Diana for the week.

2. Clean, clean, clean.

3. Go camping in a yurt.

4. Figure out some kind of landscape plan for the backyard that we can do in smaller pieces.

5. Clean up flower/veggie/berry beds.

6. Go biking with Connor.

7. Figure out how to drive a back-hoe, rent a back-hoe, carve paths all over the backyard & move a bunch of dirt to level things out and pull out plants we don't want so we can put a patio outside.

Okay - that last one probably isn't happening, but it would be nice!
And don't worry - I'll be sleeping in every day, no matter what's on the 'plan.'


keeka said...

just as long as there is enough level space for a tent trailer right? hint hint... ;P

read my blog...or maybe you shouldn't...hehehe

flyingvan said...

You don't need a backhoe. Just rent a 90# jackhammer with a dirt spade blade. I dug the entire foundation with one. Pick up a bottle of Motrin too.

Tina said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Steve. I didn't know that existed :)

That would probably work pretty well for smaller projects (like a patio).

I'm still thinking about getting a goat... Just to eat the poison oak out.

Tina said...

Oh - I can't use a jackhammer - even if I didn't have busitis in my shoulder, I tried before & it was waaaay too heavy for me!

Lee could do it - too bad HE'S not on Spring Break!