Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sunday's hike

Connor decided we should go on a hike sometime last week. We figured out the best day would be Sunday after church. I checked the geocaching website to see if we could hike & find a cache at the same time. Wolf Creek offered 2 caches along the trail - a winner! On the way up, we stopped at Subway to get some lunch for our picnic.
There was a picnic bench at the trailhead & parking area, so we ate first, I used my Off! and we headed up the trail.

This trail offers a lot of bridges, as well as a number of spots to cool your feet as it goes along the creek. There were little parts that would be good for swimming a bit too.

We managed to find the first cache, without the help of the GPS, as I couldn't get any signal there. The description was enough to help us find it anyway :)

We then passed a couple of ladies, one of whom was sitting down. She had fallen & couldn't put any weight on her leg. We asked if they'd called 911, and they said a friend of theirs had headed off to get help. So we said good luck, and continued to the falls.

We spent a good chunk of time exploring the area around the falls. There were lots of butterflies, and some crawdads & salamanders in the water. Connor practised his balancing and managed to slip & get wet. Lee stayed dry, although I thought he might fall once or twice too!

After we were done at the falls, Trevor and I went to find the second geocache, but there was a couple nosing around near the site, and I think they were looking for it as well. I didn't notice a post for that cache on the website, so I'm guessing they didn't find it. I guess we'll save it for next time.

Then we head back toward the car & on the way, the ladies are still waiting! The one lady is actually an older lady, and she still can't put any weight on her leg. There's no bruising or anything that I can tell, but who knows? We figured their friends must be coming with help soon...
A little later, we see a friend coming back. With a wheelbarrow. She's having difficulty getting it up the steep part of the trail. I'm thinking - this is not a good idea. I ask if she called 911, and she said she didn't have service out here. There are other friends coming to help still. So I'm thinking, okay... hopefully they went to a house in the area & called.

Then we pass the other two friends. With more wheelbarrows. One has a big one with two wheels in front, and the other has one of those things that looks like you use it to spread grass seed, but big enough to hold a person. What the heck? I again ask if they called 911. "No - we don't want to embarrass her." Um, yeah. I'm thinking it will be a lot MORE embarrassing when three people need a rescue with multiple injuries from trying to get an old lady down a steep trail in a wheelbarrow!!

So we got back to the car & Diana has been trying to get a signal thru to 911, but she can't get anything. We decide to stop at a house, but no one answers. Same thing for the next couple of houses. So I finally figure out we passed a little market on the way to the trail, and we'll stop there. So we did, and Lee had them call 911. And we got ice cream.
I have no idea what happened with the older lady, but dang - I would never move anyone who couldn't move on their own. That's what emergency services are for. I hope Search & Rescue got her out okay without further damage to whatever was wrong.


keeka said...

wow, that seemed like it was a lot of fun for you guys. Not so much for the lady! I have to say, I almost didn't recognize Lee! Wow. He looks more like he did a long time ago! Like when you guys met! Good going Lee! Tina, you still look great!

- Rob said...

Thanks for sharing all of the cool photos!

flyingvan said...

I have no interest in WOW posts. Computer related posts don't interest me much either. (It reminds me when the CB radio craze was at its apex. People would get on their CB's and just talk about their CB's) I enjoy a good political rant, (either side) and anyhting that exposes global warming for the fraud it is....My favorite posts are the ones about families, marriages, kids, and outdoor activities. The really cool thing is when everybody's smiling in every picture.

Daniel said...

Looks a lot like the middle fork of the applegate.