Saturday, July 25, 2009

For Sue...

First, pick a bunch of blueberries!
Lee helped this time :)

You gotta go first thing in the morning before it gets too hot!

Later, when it cools down, make your pie crust.

Bake the shell.

Fill with fresh blueberries.

Pour over a glaze made with blueberries: Recipe for one pie: One cup water + one cup blueberries. Heat and mash berries in water. Add 3/4 cup sugar & 3 Tbsp corn starch, heat to bubbling until glaze is thick and clear (mostly, I don't strain out the berry bits).

Allow to set. Serve with whipped cream, Kool Whip, ice cream, whatever.
The berries will be loose - just to warn you :) Not like a cooked blueberry pie.


Lee said...

I keep coming back to the picture of you picking berries hon. I just keep thinking of your wonderful smile.

Love you.

Tina said...

Thanks sweetie ;) I like picking berries. It was nice having you along :)

keeka said...

Awwww, how cute are you guys! I am not a big fan of blueberries, but it really looked tasty!

Happy Pie making!

Wish I could have a taste!

keeka said...

oh, new stuff on my blog~