Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Weather

I don't get much accomplished when the house is too hot. Everything seems to be a huge effort.

I didn't ride my bike at all this week, because the temperature in the house was around 90 most of the week. Ugh.

First thing in the morning, we set all (I'm talking 6) box fans up in windows and doorways to try to draw in as much cool air from outside as possible. The kids rooms have the fans that stay in the windows. Once the temp starts going up, we close everything up and just run ceiling fans (4 total). When the house gets above 85, we pull out the swamp coolers (we have two portable ones - thanks Rocky) and turn on the air conditioner.

Once the outside temp goes down below the temp in the house, we set up all the fans again.
Our bedroom is the only room that actually keeps the temperature pretty even, as long as we're closed off from the rest of the house. Until we can fix up the rest of the house, that's just how it is.
Not looking forward to the electric bill :(


keeka said...

I understand. Carl can stand the temp in the house up to about 87, I cannot. Especially if I need to make dinner, do laundry or any other move around activity. I am happiest at about 78 degrees, but then the air would be on most of the day. So I open everything up in the morning, then around 2pm is when we usually turn the thermostat to about 83 degrees. Then around 4pm I do turn it down to 81 degrees. Going in the pool helps though, then we can go longer without the air on. : )

timmer said...

a few years ago we replaced the single pane windows with double pane e*star approved windows. made a *huge* difference. both in the summer keeping cool. and in the winter keeping warm. still need to do something about the roof of the living room. it's black and not insulated.

keeka said...

Sounds a lot like what we have. The livingroom was an add-on and they just did a flat tar and gravel roof with no insulation. Guess what room we spend the most time in? Sigh... We will be doing an addition and the windows and roof will most likely be done at the same time. But for now, single pane windows and no insulation is making our energy efficient air conditioner not so efficient!

timmer said...

sound exactly like what we have. let me know if you figure out how to insulate the dumb thing in a cost effective way.

not that it's real important right now. we had a week of nearly warm. and now it's downright cold. weather conditions are making the bay act like an air conditioner on overdrive. sigh.