Friday, July 10, 2009

Special Olympics Camp :)

Last year, Lee took Connor for the registration day. I was able to go this time, so we were at the Y at 8:15 to get Connor squared away for everything.

They are thorough, altho nowhere near MTV standards :) Connor had his teeth checked by a dentist (everything looks good!), then did the physical tests with a step-test, wall push ups, sit ups, balance & the doc checked his flexibility. Then off to the nutrition table so they could know Connor eats well & where he gets his calcium (he doesn't drink cow milk). Next was the hearing test, and he made his hands into a bird (like for shadow play) and would wiggle the 'wings' when he heard the tweet in his headphones. Then off to the eye doc. He needs to see our optometrist soon - I will make an appointment. Finally, the nurse & doctor checked his lungs, blood pressure, temperature, reflexes, etc. It was cute when the nurse told Connor she was going to 'hug his arm' for the blood pressure. She leaned in and he gave her a big hug :) That made points.

After all that stuff, his peer partners showed up to play with him. Wryland was his partner last year too, and Connor also has a high school guy, Jeremy, as a partner. They remembered Connor sometimes will wander off, so they assigned two partners. They played some basketball, then went upstairs to use the game room. They have pool, ping pong, air hockey, etc. After an hour of that, they came back down for more basketball.

Most kids were done with the exams by then, so they all went out to play kickball. I sat & watched the game just to see how Connor did. Most of the other parents had already left, though a few were hanging around. By the time the pizza showed up for lunch, I figured Connor was fine and I'd go since the afternoon was going to be swimming anyway.

When I went to pick him up around 3:00, he was happy and still had damp hair. He's looking forward to coming back on Monday for more Camp :)

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