Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bill & Rita celebrate 65 years!

Ever since their 50th wedding anniversary, Mom & Pop Kiester have celebrated their anniversary with a Hellgate jet boat ride. We went as a family on the 60th celebration, and Trevor & Diana went on the 62nd or something, I think. Today, it was just Lee & I, as Connor is still a bit of a handful at something like this, and you don't really get to relax & enjoy yourself. There's a champagne brunch, and Lee & I wind up bolting down our food to chase after Connor, who doesn't eat any of the brunch anyway.
Today it was rather chilly on the river, but on the way back up to Grants Pass, it had warmed enough that when Bo, our driver, did the donuts & sprayed the boat, it wasn't that bad anymore.

Anyone coming to visit this way should do this at least once :)

Watch the cool video!!

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