Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sporto Boy

Connor is really loving the Special Olympics camp. He is up and dressed, packs his lunch and brushes his teeth so he's ready to go in the morning.

He wears his Special Olympics T-shirt all day, so much that I have to run it through the laundry and get it dry by morning.

Yesterday he came home with his eyes bothering him. He'd opened his eyes in the YMCA pool, and they were burning from the chlorine. In the past, he didn't open them so much so it wasn't an issue. We used some saline solution & eye drops, and then took him to Wal-Mart for goggles. He was so excited this morning about having goggles to wear in the pool!

When we asked Connor at dinner last night what he did, he related the following:

"I said, 'Bubba you will be a Star!'" "Bubba said, 'What?'" "I said, 'Bubba, you will be a Star!' and Bubba laughed."

That was a LOT for Connor to say! Plus he did the whole back & forth on the conversation.

This is the kind of thing we need for Connor to progress with language - experiences that tie the language to the actions. The more experiences Connor can have, the better he learns. That's why we're so excited for next year, when it's all about hands-on learning, getting out in public and EXPERIENCING new things!

In the meantime, he's really enjoying the sports & interaction with his peers on a level where he is participating to the best of his ability. He's totally accepted as who he is, and he has that same acceptance for the other kids. It's really great. That's what Special Olympics is all about.

I gotta get a photo of Bubba...

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keeka said...

With all the mimicking he does of TV and movies I thought the conversation was from something he saw! Good idea to show a photo of "Bubba". heehee!

By the way, tell Lee Kaleigh didn't recognize Lee in the more recent photos. She said, "that does NOT look like Uncle Lee!"